Twists and Turns of Spiritual Path



Each of has our own unique path. Sometimes during the twists and turns of our journey, it may seem to others that we have taken a wrong turn because we have detoured from the one we were on with them. It can be challenging to be called to another path and leave behind the comfort of those we were with before. But something impels us to carry on and move forward. Some may choose to ignore the impulse to leave. They may stay to insure the comfort of those that disagree, but they will do so with a continued impulse within that leaves a feeling of fulfillment. 

My spiritual journey has taken so many twists and turns, through many different religions and traditions. I am eternally grateful to all my teachers, especially those I have  been able to meet in the flesh, before they passed from this world. 

Here is my journey. Hopefully it will inspire you, or relieve you to know, it is okay to look at the nature of reality from a different viewpoint of what you were taught as a child. I will write different segments of the journey in each blog.

Many Blessings, Solana




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