Ten Day Silent Retreat-Vipasanna

I just recently returned from a ten day Silent retreat in California. It was very transformational. I am still integrating all the insights I received and all the new ways of seeing that is being experienced still. The short story of the seeing is
1. Having awareness of the mind.
2. seeing it move out of the present moment into something it wants or something it has an aversion to.
3. attempting to remain in a place of equanimity, rather than allowing the mind to run off in either direction, which includes likes and dislikes, even judgments and opinions.
4. remember it all is transitional.

It sounds quite simple and there is a depth to it, but this is the short version, and unless one really looks and sees their own mind for themselves, it does little to make a difference.

Just want to say it is recommended.

Kundalini Yoga


I have participated in part of  a Kundalini Yoga Teachers Training Course. Kundalini Yoga focuses on much more than just postures or asanas. It includes mantras, mudras, chakras and lots of pranayama or powerful breathing practices. It is quite challenging and requires a person to be willing surrender to a higher power within themselves in order to keep going. Then one contacts that deep I AM Presence that in truth is doing it all anyway.

Sat Nam, Sat means truth, nam is an acknowledgement to that truth. When we chant Sat Nam we are chanting to uncover the truth of our  being.

After working in a hospital as a chaplain, I found I needed to move to a  more yin type of practice.

Letting Go into freedom

We are living in strange times, that is for sure, things are happening in such a way that we are just unsure how to handle life’s unusual circumstances. We might agree that there is a feeling life has intensified. Just as an example, in just the last several years we have all been connected in one way or another with national disasters. We cannot help have some emotional reaction to seeing people suffer some through these situations, or more so when we are personally involved. And what do we do when our employers or our spouses or children are having their own emotional explosions? All these feelings arise within us, accompanied by a whirlwind of thoughts. What do we do with these feelings? Most people throughout their lives repress, or suppress or try to escape their feelings and that energy accumulates. According to Hawkins, “the suppressed energy will seek expression through psychosomatic distress, bodily disorders, emotional illnesses, and disordered behavior in interpersonal relationships. The accumulated feelings block spiritual growth and awareness as well as success in many areas of life.” He goes on to tell us that as a person constantly surrenders, physical and psychosomatic disorders improve and sometimes may disappear altogether, as what happened from his own personal experience.

As mentioned in the previous blog I have been having amazing results with these moments of surrendering. For those non-dualists out there, this could be still looked at from the viewpoint of being in the Now, the Presence. Some people, in the name of spirituality, will deny any emotions, saying they are not true, all is an illusion. One has to be careful in this, because does that emotion then get repressed? In true work, one would acknowledge its presence, whatever it is, and as one acknowledges the energy that comes up, and stays present with it, there will be a sense of the energy dissolving. One must continue with this until that thought or situation that was associated may arise and there is no inner reaction to that thought.

Personally, the universe has been kind enough to present me with the opportunity to witness this within myself. It was almost a repeat of a situation that had happened many years back. I went into an agreement with someone, and then the person decided to attempt to change the agreement without discussion with me, which included some lies. It created quite a challenge for me. In the past, there was quite a lot of drama as I allowed the whirlpool of my mind to have a grand time. This time, I as a witness was much more conscious, and was able to move through the experience from a greater place of balance. When I saw the mind wanting to engage in its entertainment of the situation, I continued to surrender the emotional responses and mind stuff into the great fire of spirit. I felt a greater freedom within myself. I also was able to recycle the energy by transforming into a deep feeling of compassion for the other person and their situation. Of course one must want the freedom and peace of Presence more than the ego wants to see itself as right and engage in drama. It also must let go of what other benefits it may receive from playing a victim, or any other role.

In the next part I am going to share with you more of David Hawkins story from Letting Go, The Pathway of Surrender.